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Introducing XR Vibe

IMG_0793Below are pictures of the new XR Vibe machine, an all in one vibration, exercise machine that is limited only by your imagination.

With XR Vibe, whole body vibration is combined with a system of anchor points and custom developed resistant straps to allow a virtually limitless combination of exercises for your patients.  It seems like nearly every week are are developing new positions and body area specific exercises to benefit a patient who presents us with a unique need.  As you can see in the pictures you can target upper body, lower body, core strength and even cervical traction.

XR Vibe is perfect for treating chronic pain, post surgical rehab, osteogenic loading for rebuilding bone density, and much more.

XR Vibe comes complete with all of the straps and attached handles that you see in the pictures (blocks, push-up handles, knee tubes, calf rockers, etc are shown for exercise examples).  With the straps and handles your are able to provide area specific treatments and high-intensity loads to your patients all while under vibration.  The vibration platform has a 10,000 lb weight limit so you are virtually unlimited in the exercises you do with your patients.  This is of course in addition to all of the exercises you can already do with the original Posture Rack.

The unit comes fully assembled at approx. 150 lbs.  It is only 25 inches wide so it fits through any standard door.  Wheels are installed on the rear of the platform so it can be moved throughout your office by anyone.  It comes delivered on a skid fully assembled so it can be in placed in your office and plugged in in less than 5 minutes.

Once you have looked at the pictures please feel free to call 866-515-4907 to get answers to any questions you might have or to place an order.

Scroll down to view all of the pictures showing examples of the XR Vibe in action.