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Osteogenic Loading

Imagine for a moment that you fill a wheelbarrow up with heavy bricks until you can just lift it a fraction of an inch with all your might. And now, imagine that each week you return and add an additional brick to the wheelbarrow. Believe it or not, within a short amount of time, you will likely be looking for a larger wheelbarrow.
This simple principal of high intensity skeletal loading followed by a timed recovery period, is the basis of an exercise therapy known as Osteogenic Loading. The BStrong4Life® protocol incorporates osteogenic loading, which facilitates a powerful, self-induced stimulus to the body. The stimulus occurs in the optimum bio-mechanical position and the load is self induced, meaning there is little exercise risk. It represents a scientific breakthrough in physical conditioning.
BStrong4Life® utilizes the bioDensity™ machine.  It consists of four simple yet comprehensive isometric exercises (chest press, leg press, core pull and vertical lift – shown below). The user creates a maximum isometric load. This differs from traditional exercise that affects primarily the sarcoplasm. BStrong4Life® targets primarily the myofibril (muscle “cables” within the sarcoplasm) development and safe articulo-skeletal loading.
The equipment precisely measures, tabulates and records user force output 30x sec. via patented load cell/software interface throughout each session. All physical efforts are recorded, compared and contrasted over time. Each user receives a Performance Report at the conclusion of each training session.
To learn more about Maximal Skeletal Loading visit our resources page.

bioDensity Chest Press Exercise