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Eccentric Training

There are three types of muscular contraction: concentric, isometric and eccentric.  Most people are familiar with concentric (muscle shortening under tension) and isometric (muscle tension without any change in length).  However, eccentric contractions aren’t as well known. Eccentric contractions happen when the muscle lengthens under tension.  They occur whenever you are absorbing force and decelerating such as:

  • Landing from a jump or in the landing phase of walking/running
  • Walking down stairs
  • Changing direction while running

Our muscles literally act as springs during eccentric contractions. During most movement eccentric contractions allow us to store kinetic energy, which is then used during concentric contractions – this process is always happening in our bodies and is known as the Stretch Shortening Cycle or SSC. Up to 50% of all the energy needed to accelerate/lift the body can be reclaimed from the eccentric/muscle-lengthening phase of the stride! Eccentric training increases a muscle’s ability to produce force at a longer length. This is one of the ways eccentric training prevents injury. The BStrong4Life® System incorporates eccentric, anaerobic core training by utilizing the reACT™ training machine. Watch reACT Director of Education, Greg Maurer demonstrate BStrong4Life’s Dynamic Functional Training opportunity with the reACT™ Trainer in the video below. To learn more about Eccentric Training visit our resources page.   Resources