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IRB Research Study

IRB Study Update as of March 2014

The study has been extended to the end of July 2014. This will mark the end of 3 years conducting research.  At the present time, we are continuing to follow 14 candidates. The longest running candidate has just completed 2 full years. The study has yielded clinical proof that bone mineral density (BMD) has improved  using the BStrong4Life System.  The study has also noted positive postural changes in spinal alignment for many of the candidates.

Approved by Edward Hospital Internal Review Board

To study the effectiveness of the  BStrong4Life® System to improve bone mineral density


PP SQUATThe purpose of this 6-month pilot study is to determine the effectiveness of improving bone mineral density (BMD) using the BStrong4Life® System. Preliminary

studies using this system have shown favorable results. BStrong4Life® uses a proprietary method that incorporates two different non-invasive technologies; 1) Power Plate® and 2) bioDensity.

Power Plate® technology is classified as whole body vibration (WBV). The body responds to the vibration by creating a reflex contraction. This reflex stimulates the nervous system and muscle tissue to contract rapidly. BStrong4Life® has created proprietary warm-up procedures to prepare the user for each bioDensity session to optimize performance.


bioDensity is a biomechanically efficient system that improves strength and bone mineral density (BMD) through maximum intensity, short duration neuro-musculoskeletal stimulation (NMS). The user creates a maximum isometric load. This differs from traditional exercise that affects primarily the sarcoplasm. This system targets primarily myofibril development and safe articulo-skeletal loading. The equipment precisely measures, tabulates and records user force output 30x sec. via patented load cell/software interface throughout each session. All physical efforts are recorded, and compared and contrasted over time. Each user receives a Performance Report at the conclusion of each training session.

The research hypothesis is that subjects who use BStrong4Life® for six months will have statistically significantly improved bone density and posture prints compared to the control group.

Gender: Male/Female
Age Range: 40 to 65 years old
Current Dexa Scan: Edward Hospital Facility
Range: -1.0 to – 2.4 (hip, femoral neck or lumbar spine)
Bone Density Medication: None
Time Frame: 6 months
Frequency: Once a week
Duration: 15 minutes
Conditioning Level: Fitness Level is not relevant but candidate must be in reasonable good health.

Research Study Location:

BStrong4Life® Corporate Headquarters
3590 Hobson Road, Suite 301
Woodridge, IL 60517
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