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Continuing Education Seminars

BStrong4Life in conjunction with Neuromechanical Innovations is excited to announce our new 12 Hour CE Seminar Series for “Dynamic Functional Training.  Seminars will be held throughout the year. So make sure to register for the weekend that best fits your schedule and location.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with leading professionals in the industry, experience cutting-edge equipment and improve your clinical skills.

What You Can Expect:

dr perry teaching12 Hours of Clinically Supervised Wellness Training
12 Hours of Continuing Education Credits (In most states)
Plus these valuable tools:
  • High-Intensity, Short Duration Technology and Techniques
  • Concentric, Isometric and Eccentric Force Production
  • Provide Strength, Balance, Bone Health and Fall Prevention Solutions
  • Saturday Hosted Lunch
  • Measured Results and  Significant Benefits for Patients in as little as 12 minutes per week
  • Improved Proficiencies in Daily Activities of Living, Functional Strength, Sagittal Balance and Increased Bone Density



    • STRENGTH Significant increases in core strength can be achieved in highly intense, clinically supervised weekly training sessions of 15 minutes or less.
    • BONE HEALTH Through advance systems, BStrong4Life® provides efficient axial bone loading that has been proven to increase bone mineral density, in some cases quite dramatically.
    • BALANCE & FALL PREVENTION By focusing on all three methods of force production – concentric, eccentric and isometric – the BStrong4Life® system can measurably improve balance.


Meet Our Instructors

Dr. Scott Heun

Dr. Scott Heun


Co-founder of BStrong4Life, Inc. and founder of Chiropractic Mentoring, LLC. A seasoned clinician and successful mentor, Dr. Heun is the clinical director of BStrong4Life® Napa Valley Center, a state-of-the-art health care facility providing a cutting edge training system for musculoskeletal health.

With extensive training in clinical biomechanics and vast experience in assessing, treating and managing complex spinal and extremity problems, Dr. Heun applies innovative solutions to address osteoporosis, strength, and fall prevention. He is a member of the ICAC board and a sought after speaker on both clinical and business applications.

Dr. Perry Cammisa

Dr. Perry Cammisa


Dr. Perry Cammisa was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1991. He is the owner of Ultimate Chirocare in Naperville, IL and co-founder of BStrong4Life, Inc.

His unique approach to training has led him to become a sought-after specialist in Whole Body Vibration Therapy as well as Dynamic Functional Training and Rehabilitation. An avid golfer, Dr. Cammisa is a golf-conditioning expert and serves as the medical director for Rabito Golf Academy and on the medical advisory board of Power Plate North America. His focus on structure and function and his engaging, enthusiastic style have made him a prominent trainer for Doctors throughout the country.

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Seminar Dates

Woodridge, IL

October 17-18

Greenbrook, NJ

October 24-25

Napa, CA

November 7-8

San Jose, CA

December 12-13


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