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Stronger Bones

An estimated 8 million women and 2 million men suffer the devastating condition of weak, unhealthy bones known as osteopenia and osteoporosis.
Although poor bone health is common; it is definitely not normal. This largely preventable loss of fundamental structural integrity is ruining lives, and wreaking havoc on families every day. Swimming, rowing, cycling, elliptical trainers and cross- country skiing have many benefits. Unfortunately, improved bone density is not one of them. The minimal loading or complete lack of weight bearing load does not stimulate bone to get stronger. In fact, in some cases, over-training in these endeavors can result in a net bone loss. Aggressive weight training, jumping and risky, high impact sports can improve bone density. However, the extremely high risk of injury from these training methods negates most of the potential beneficial effects, in particular in those individuals who are already weak or de-conditioned.
The BStrong4Life® Training System is specifically designed and uniquely applied to each individual to address the musculoskeletal necessities of balance, core strength and bone health. BStrong4Life® Training works naturally with the body to stimulate cells to respond as they were designed. It provides a scientific solution to improve bone health, structure and function. This specialized combination of high-intensity, short-duration loading, dynamic postural exercise and core muscle training efficiently combines concentric, isometric and eccentric muscle contraction forces to produce unprecedented improvement in balance, core strength, posture stability and bone health.