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Sports Training

BStrong4Life® has put together a unique Strength, Balance and Structural training program that will improve the structure of your spine, increase your range of motion and greatly improve your core strength.

Three uniquely designed machines will be used during your weekly, 15 minute BStrong4Life® Session:

  1. Power Plate®,
  2. bioDensity®
  3. The reACT Trainer.

These machines are the latest technology in sports science creating an efficient training program that combines concentric, isometric and eccentric exercises.  Each provides essential elements to improve your body’s overall readiness to perform.

Your BStrong4Life® Center will do a complete postural analysis and strength evaluation.  We identify the areas where your range of motion and postural position can be improved. Utilizing the information from your evaluation, a custom program will be designed specifically for you to dramatically improve your…

  1. Core Strength,
  2. Ability to generate force
  3. Balance
  4. Muscle Density
  5. Bone Density

By working to correct any deficiencies or abnormalities in your neuro-musculeoskeletal system, you will be better able to meet the demands of your game.