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Golf Conditioning

BStrong4Life® provides individualized solutions to golfers seeking game improvement or are experiencing golf related pain.  Two factors that dramatically affect a golf swing are: Range of Motion and Balance. Both of these factors are a direct result of your posture and stability.  By improving your posture, core stability, range of motion and balance, the BStrong4Life® System can change the way you play the game you love.
Just as technology has dramatically change the game of golf, BStrong4Life® has changed the way you train. The machines used in the BStrong4Life® training system are Power Plate®, bioDensity®, Posture Rack® and the reACT Trainer. These machines are the latest technology in sports science creating an efficient training program that combines concentric, isometric and eccentric exercises. Each provides essential elements to improve your body’s overall readiness to play.

BStrong4Life® Benefits:

  1. Generates club head speed for greater distance
  2. improves stability for greater control and accuracy tee to green
  3. increases your energy for a more enjoyable round
  4. reduces pain and discomfort during your round and after you play