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Our History

Dr. Perry Cammisa and Dr. Scott Heun discovered in early 2008 that their purposes and direction were very closely aligned. They both were committed to a patient-centered approach that provided exceptional value and delivered measurable results by providing state of the art care. Dr. Cammisa had pioneered the use of Power Plate® in clinical practice, and Dr. Heun had a long history of innovation in sports chiropractic, rehabilitation, teaching, and coaching other doctors. Together, they represent over 50 years of clinical knowledge and experience.

In late 2009, at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Dr. Cammisa and Dr. Heun saw a piece of equipment from a then little known company – bioDensity™.  It was breakthrough technology – efficient, focused, measurable and extremely effective.

At the time, Dr. Cammisa had already developed industry leading whole body vibration protocols and had been using Power Plate® in his practice for years with great success. The two doctors saw incredible possibilities in incorporating these two technologies. The key component was making sure there were protocols in place that would not only minimize risk but also provide the maximum benefit to any patient – whether highly conditioned or extremely de-conditioned.

Early testing of their ever-evolving protocols exceeded their wildest expectations. The increase in function, strength, and overall well being produced by this training system was unprecedented in their combined experience. Both doctors truly believed that this is was the missing link in patient health care.

Then in 2012 BStrong4Life® added the third piece of equipment to our protocols, the reACT Training Machine.  reACT focus the body to exercise eccentrically, which basically means it increases the body’s ability to absorb load.  This improves core strength, balance and improves fall prevention skills.

BStrong4life® is the first company to combine Power Plate®, bioDensity™ and reACT and it is the only company that has proprietary protocol developed in a clinical environment.

Our Corporate Headquarters and west coast training facility are located in Napa, CA at the Napa Vally Center. It is operated by Co-Founder, Dr. Scott Heun.

The Woodridge Center is operated by Co-Founder, Dr. Perry Cammisa and serves as our Worldwide Physician Training Center.

Today, both doctors are working tirelessly to advance the BStrong4Life® System.