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Founders and Staff


Dr. Perry Cammisa is a Doctor of Chiropractic. Born and raised in To­ronto, he graduated from the University of Toronto in 1986 and graduated from Canadian Memorial Chi­ropractic College in 1991.

After graduation Dr. Cammisa moved to Naperville, Illinois – a western suburb of Chicago. He began his practice and realized, over the years that in order to stay current and provide a chiropractic experience for patients that was unlike any other, he would have to constantly investigate and develop new ideas.  He realized that in order to advance chiropractic techniques for 21st century results it would require individual chiropractors to “think out of the box”.

That idea of always “thinking out of the box” resulted in Dr. Cammisa designing and patenting several pieces of equipment used in x-ray analysis, exercise and rehabilitation. His extensive training and expertise has led him to become a sought-after specialist.

Dr. Cammisa, Co-Founder of BStrong4Life®, is a board member of the National Medical Advisory Board for Power Plate® and the owner of Ultimate ChiroCare™ – the largest Power Plate medical facility in North America. His clinic is also the corporate headquarters of BStrong4Life® and our worldwide Chiropractic Physician Training Center.

Heun and EquipmentCo-Founder

Dr. Scott J. Heun is a chiropractor and certi­fied chiropractic sports physician (CCSP). He is the founder and director of ChiroPrac­tice Mentoring™, an innovative professional mentoring and business-coaching firm.

Dr. Heun currently owns and operates the Napa Valley BStrong4Life® Center which is also the West Coast Chiropractic Physician Training Center for BStrong4Life®

Before opening the Napa Valley Center, he practiced for over 20 years in California Bay Area. He developed and implemented an ingenious patient-centered approach, which produced unprecedented patient satisfaction and retention. He worked extensively with professional and amateur athletes, and collaborated intimately with the medical community co-managing dif­ficult cases using structurally based protocols and proprietary soft-tissue techniques.

Dr. Heun is also well versed in business. Over the past 27 years, he has owned and successfully managed single, and multi-doctor offices, as well as a groundbreaking physical therapy and multi-disciplinary rehabilita­tion center.

Dr. Heun mentors clients and teams on three conti­nents, and throughout the US, developing success­ful practices and implementing defensible clinical protocols with efficient and profitable business systems. He and his team assist with all phases of practice, including, doctor-patient communica­tion, team training, branding, web based strategies and branded marketing plans. He is married to Susanne Heun, father to seven wonderfully unique children, and lives in Napa, CA.


Jeff Gerlomes is an entrepreneur and business owner with a background in Finance and Management. Gerlomes co-founded and managed On Demand Direct Mail, LLC. The company provides full service graphic design, print, direct mail and database management services and is the parent company of Napa Printing & Graphic. Gerlomes successfully managed the company for 16 years and in 2011 sold the business to his partner.

With 12 years of previous experience in Finance and Banking, Gerlomes has been involved in a number of successful start-up ventures. In 1998, Gerlomes co-founded Bench Partners, LLC a winery holding company that developed Kelham-MacLean winery, a 3000 case ultra-premium winery located in St. Helena, CA.

In 2005, Gerlomes Co-founded Performance Health Systems in Napa, CA. Performance Health Systems developed the bioDensity technology that is a featured component of the BStrong4Life® model. Gerlomes served as Chief Financial Officer during the company’s start-up phase and was responsible for initial funding, day-to-day financial management as well as marketing and brand development.

Gerlomes is currently a director for The Bank of Napa (NYSE), where he serves as Chairman of Directors Loan Committee. He is also a Trustee for Tulocay Cemetery and Mortuary Association and has served as Chairman of the Board of The Napa Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of California State University Sacramento with a degree in Finance.

PrittDirector of Center Development

David Pritt has been with BStrong4Life® since its beginning.  With over 20 years of professional sales experience, David developed the BStrong4Life®  90 Day Deployment Program. He works with all new centers to help them become profitable right out of the box. He also directs the national marketing programs for BStrong4Life® including online, print and trade shows.

As owner of ZUZUGroup Branding & Design since 2007, he brings a background in developing chiropractic brand identities, communication tools and websites to the BStrong4Life® team.